Proposed Minimum Characterization Parameters for Studies on Food and Food-Related Nanomaterials

by Andrew Maynard on December 24, 2009

A Letter to the Editor published in the Journal of Food Science recently proposed a set of nine characterization parameters for studies on food and food-related nanomaterials.  The letter, from Jeffrey Card (Ashuren Health Sciences) and Bernadene Magnuson (Cantox Health Sciences International), cites the MinChar list as one of a number of sources.

From the letter:

We propose that a set of minimum parameters be determined and reported for nanomaterials that are used in experiments assessing various biological activities, including toxicity, regardless of the route of exposure that is being examined. This set includes the following 9 parameters:

  • agglomeration and/or aggregation
  • chemical composition
  • crystal structure/crystallinity
  • particle size/size distribution
  • purity
  • shape
  • surface area
  • surface charge
  • surface chemistry (including composition and reactivity)

The letter can be accessed at JFS Vol 74, Number 8.

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